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What does SADI mean?

The list of 23 meanings of
SADI acronym or abbreviation

  • SADI: Solidarité africaine pour la démocratie et l'indépendance
  • SADI: Supplier Automated Database on the Internet
    Business, Postal, US Post
  • SADI: Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative
  • SADI: Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative
  • SADI: Strategic Aerospace & Defence Initiative
  • SADI: Situational Awareness Defensive Improvement
  • SADI: Self-Awareness of Deficits Interview
  • SADI: Sociedad Argentina de Infectología
  • SADI: Sistema Argentino de Interconexión
  • SADI: Skilling Australia's Defence Industry
  • SADI: Superior Achievement in Design and Imaging
  • SADI: Superior Achievement in Design & Imaging
  • SADI: Samsung Art and Design Institute
  • SADI: Samsung Art & Design Institute
  • SADI: Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration
  • SADI: Smallholder Agribusiness Development Initiative
  • SADI: Sachak Asia Development Institute
  • SADI: Summerland Asset Development Initiative
  • SADI: Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative
  • SADI: Shopfitting and Display Industry

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