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What does ROFL mean?

The list of 35 meanings of
ROFL acronym or abbreviation

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    ROFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    Internet slang, Telecommunications, Twitter
  • ROFL Rolling On Floor, Laughing
  • ROFL Rolling On the Floor, Laughing
    Internet slang, Text messaging, SMS
  • ROFL Roll On Floor Laughing
  • ROFL Roll on the floor laughing
  • ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • ROFL Rolls on floor laughing
  • ROFL Rolling over the floor laughing
  • ROFL Rolls on the floor laughing
  • ROFL Rolls On Floor, Laughing
  • ROFL Rolling on the floor and laughing
  • ROFL Roll over the floor laughing
  • ROFL Roling On the Floor Laughing
  • ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughin
  • ROFL Rolling over freakin' laughing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • ROFL Roar Out From Laughing
    Internet slang, Computing, SLANG
  • ROFL Reply only for lark
    Internet slang
  • ROFL Routing on Flat Labels
  • ROFL Rote Online Fraktion Leipzig
  • ROFL Rolling on the Floor with Laughter

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