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What does PITA mean?

The list of 35 meanings of
PITA acronym or abbreviation

  • PITA: Pain in the Ass
    Internet slang, Web slang, Web
  • PITA: Pain In The Arse
    Internet slang, Internet, Internet jargon
  • PITA: Pain In The Arm
  • PITA: Pain in the a-s
  • PITA: Pain In The Ar
  • PITA: Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association
  • PITA: Pain In The Anatomy
  • PITA: Paper Industry Technical Association
    Technology, Forest industry, Packaging
  • PITA: Palestinian Information Technology Association
  • PITA: Pacific International Trap Association
  • PITA: Pacific International Trapshooting Association
  • PITA: Personal Income Tax Act
  • PITA: People in the Arts
  • PITA: Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
  • PITA: Principles of Information Technology and Applications
  • PITA: Petroleum Income Tax Act
  • PITA: Personal Income Tax Act
  • PITA: Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act
  • PITA: Policy Influences on Technology for Agriculture
  • PITA: Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association
  • PITA: Parque de Innovación y Tecnología de Almería

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