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What does OMFG mean?

The list of 20 meanings of
OMFG acronym or abbreviation

  • OMFG: Oh My Freaking God
    Internet slang
  • OMFG: Oh My Fucking God
    Internet slang, Online, Chat
  • OMFG: Oh my freaking gosh
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • OMFG: Oh My Freakin Gosh
  • OMFG: Oh My Funky God
  • OMFG: Oh, My Fine God
  • OMFG: Oh, My Fucking God
    SLANG, Internet terminology, Internet culture
  • OMFG: Oh My F'ing God
  • OMFG: Oh My Fu-king God
  • OMFG: Original Media for Gamers
  • OMFG: Official Meeting Facilities Guide
  • OMFG: Oh My Friggin God
  • OMFG: Oh My Fuckin God
  • OMFG: oh my f-cking god
  • OMFG: Online Maps For Games
  • OMFG: Olivia Munn Fan Group
  • OMFG: Ontario Mega Finance Group
  • OMFG: One Man Fansub Group
  • OMFG: Ordinary Men Fighting Giants
  • OMFG: Oh my fucking gosh
    Internet slang, CHAT, SMS, Text messaging
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