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What does NCOS mean?

The list of 29 meanings of
NCOS acronym or abbreviation

  • NCOs: Non Commissioned Officers
  • NCOs: Non-Commissioned Officers
  • NCOs: Non Comissioned Officers
  • NCOS: Non Commissioned Officer's
  • NCOs: Non-Commisioned Officers
  • NCOS: Non-Commissioned Officer's
  • NCOS: National Commission on Space
    Astronomy, Astrophysics, SPACE
  • NCOS: Network Class Of Service
    Military, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • NCOS: National Carbon Offset Standard
  • NCOs: Numerically Controlled Oscillators
  • NCOs: Net Charge-offs
  • NCOS: Naval Control of Shipping
    Military, Army
  • NCOS: Non-Concurrent Operating System
    Technology, Computing
  • NCOS: Network Computer Operating System
    Technology, Computing, Internet
  • NCOS: National Capital Orchid Society
  • NCOs: Network Centric Operations
  • NCOs: Net Centric Operations
  • NCOS: Non Commissioned Officers School
  • NCOS: National Children's Orchestra of Scotland
  • NCOS: National Consortium for Open Schooling

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