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What does NCIC mean?

The list of 46 meanings of
NCIC acronym or abbreviation

  • NCIC: National Crime Information Center
    Government, Army, Military
  • NCIC: National Crime Information Computer
    Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  • NCIC: National Criminal Information Center
  • NCIC: National Crime and Information Center
  • NCIC: National Crime Information Center's
  • NCIC: National Cancer Information Center
  • NCIC: National Crime Information Centers
  • NCIC: North Carolina Industrial Commission
  • NCIC: National Cartographic Information Center
    Science, Technology
  • NCIC: National Cancer Institute of Canada
    Medicine, Oncology, Medical, Technology
  • NCIC: National Cohesion and Integration Commission
  • NCIC: Network Centric Innovation Center
  • NCIC: Network Control Interface Channel
    Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  • NCIC: North Central Illinois Conference
  • NCIC: National Construction Industry Council
  • NCIC: Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative
  • NCIC: National Center for Industrial Competitiveness
  • NCIC: National Council for Indian Culture
  • NCIC: National Cancer Institute Clinical
  • NCIC: Northern Community Investment Corporation

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