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What does NCFE mean?

The list of 14 meanings of
NCFE acronym or abbreviation

  • NCFE: Northern Council for Further Education
  • NCFE: National Council for Further Education
  • NCFE: Northern College of Further Education
  • NCFE: National Century Financial Enterprises
  • NCFE: North Central Farmers Elevator
  • NCFE: National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
  • NCFE: National Committee for a Free Europe
  • NCFE: National Center for Financial Education
  • NCFE: National Center For Excellence
  • NCFE: National Commodity Futures Examination
  • NCFE: Newham College of Further Education
  • NCFE: National Centre For Excellence
  • NCFE: Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship
  • NCFE: National Campaign for Fair Elections
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