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What does NADP mean?

The list of 34 meanings of
NADP acronym or abbreviation

  • NADP: nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate
    Medical, Technology
  • NADP: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate
    Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • NADP: National Atmospheric Deposition Program
    Science, Technology
  • NADP: National Association of Dental Plans
    Medical, Technology
  • NADP: National Association of Deafened People
  • NADP: North American Directory Plan
    Technology, Telecom
  • NADP: North American Dialing Plan
  • NADP: National Association of Disability Practitioners
  • NADP: Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty
  • NADP: Native American Documents Project
  • NADP: National Archival Development Program
  • NADP: National Agriculture Development Programme
  • NADP: North American Diesel Performance
  • NADP: National Agriculture Development Plan
  • NADP: National Alliance Democratic Party
  • NADP: Noise Abatement Departure Procedure
  • NADP: Noise Abatement Departure Procedures
  • NADP: Noise Abatement Departure Profiles
  • NADP: Noise Abatement Departure Profile
  • NADP: National Association for Deaf People

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