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What does MTPD mean?

The list of 15 meanings of
MTPD acronym or abbreviation

  • MTPD: Mean Trabecular Plate Density
    Medical, Medicine
  • MTPD: Metro Transit Police Department
    Government, District of Columbia, Law Enforcement, Police Department
  • MTPD: Marked Tree Police Department
    Government, Arkansas, City agency
  • MTPD: Miami Township Police Department
  • MTPD: Metropolitan Transit Police Department
  • MTPD: Metric Tons Per Day
  • MTPD: Metric Tonnes Per Day
  • MTPD: Metric tonne per day
  • MTPD: Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption
  • MTPD: Metropolitan Traffic Police Division
  • MTPD: Matsushita Toshiba Picture Display
  • MTPD: Move to Previous Data
  • MTPD: Motor Transportation Police Division
  • MTPD: Middletown Township Police Department
  • MTPD: Medium Term Philippine Development
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