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What does MMSC mean?

The list of 46 meanings of
MMSC acronym or abbreviation

  • MMSC: Multimedia Messaging Service Center
    Technology, Telecom
  • MMSC: Multimedia Messaging Services Center
  • MMSC: Multimedia Messaging Service Centre
  • MMSC: Multimedia Message Service Center
  • MMSC: Multimedia Message Service Centre
  • MMSC: Multi Media Service Center
  • MMSC: Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge
  • MMSC: Marine Mammal Stranding Center
  • MMSc: Master of Management Sciences
    Education, Academic degree, Degree, Master's degree
  • MMSc: Master of Medical Science
    Medical, Health, Health professional initials
  • MMSC: Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center
  • MMSC: Marshalltown Medical Surgical Center
  • MMSC: Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center
  • MMSC: Madras Motor Sports Club
  • MMSC: Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
  • MMSC: Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center
  • MMSC: Multi Media Synergy Corporation
  • MMSC: Maker's Mark Secretariat Center
  • MMSC: Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder
  • MMSC: Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba

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