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What does MMDA mean?

The list of 21 meanings of
MMDA acronym or abbreviation

  • MMDA: Metro Manila Development Authority
    Government, Philippines, Philippines government
  • MMDA: Metropolitan Manila Development Authority
  • MMDA: Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's
  • MMDA: Metro Manila Development Authority's
  • MMDA: Manila Metropolitan Development Authority
  • MMDA: Money Market Demand Account
    Business, Finance, Investing, Stock
  • MMDA: Money Market Deposit Account
  • MMDA: Money Market Deposit Accounts
  • MMDA: Money Market Demand Accounts
  • MMDA: Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace
  • MMDA: Michigan Medical Device Association
    Medical, Technology
  • MMDA: Manitoba Motor Dealers Association
  • MMDA: Madras Metropolitan Development Authority
  • MMDA: Marangal, Matapat, Disiplinado Ako
  • MMDA: Minnesota Medical Directors Association
  • MMDA: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association
  • MMDA: Merseyside Music Development Agency
  • MMDA: Mid Michigan Dart Association
  • MMDA: Metropolitan Municipal and District Assembly
  • MMDA: Multi-function, Multi-mode Digital Avionics

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