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What does MBO mean?

The list of 62 meanings of
MBO acronym or abbreviation

  • MBO: Management by Objective
    Technology, Army, Management, Military
  • MBO: Management by Objectives
    Technology, Architectural, Architecture, Construction
  • MBO: Management By-Out
  • MBO: Managing by Objectives
  • MBO: Management Buy Out
    Business, CHAT, Email
  • MBO: Management Buy-Outs
  • MBO: Management-Buy-out
  • MBO: Management Buy Outs
  • MBO: Management Buy-out
    Business, Finance, Investing
  • MBO: Middelbaar Beroeps Onderwijs
  • MBO: Maatschappelijk Betrokken Ondernemen
  • MBO: Mortgage-Backed Obligation
    Business, Home loan, Mortgage
  • MBO: Malignant bowel obstruction
  • MBO: Laughing my butt off
    Internet slang
  • MBO: Medical Business Office
  • MBO: Mobil Oil
    Airline, ICAO airline code, Organizations
  • MBO: Municipals-Over-Bonds Spread
    Business, Finance, Investing, Stock
  • MBO: Million Barrels of Oil
  • MBO: Millward Brown Optimor
  • MBO: Muslim Bosniak Organization

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