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What does MARINE mean?

The list of 15 meanings of
MARINE acronym or abbreviation

  • 4
    MARINE My Ass Riding In Navy Equipment
    Internet slang, Slang, Technology
  • MARINE My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
  • Marine My Ass Really Is Navy Equipment
  • MARINE My Ass Rides In Naval Equipment
  • MARINE My Azz Rides In Navy Equipment
  • 6
    MARINE Muscles Are Required,Intelligence Not Essential
  • MARINE Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
    Military, Army slang, Military slang
  • MARINE Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential
  • MARINE Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Expected
  • MARINE Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Expected
  • Marine Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Non-Essential
  • Marine Muscles Are Required Intelligence Non Essential
  • MARINE Many Americans Running Into Never Ending
  • Marine Marines Always Ride In Navy Equipment
  • MARINE Math and Reading Is Not Essential

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