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What does LOVE mean?

The list of 38 meanings of
LOVE acronym or abbreviation

  • LOVE: Lunar Observations Verifier Editor
  • LOVE: Look Observe Verify Enjoy
    Internet slang
  • LOVE: Loss Of Valuable Energy
    Funny, Humor, JOKE
  • Love: Loss Of Vital Energy
  • LOVE: Let Our Violence End
  • Love: Love Official Video Edward
  • LOVE: Legs Open Very Easy
  • LOVE: Loyalty On Virginity Ends
    Funny, Humor, JOKE
  • LOVE: Living Our Victories Everyday
    Alcoholics Anonymous, Medical, Medicine
  • LOVE: Low Vision Evaluator
  • LOVE: Linguistics of Visual English
  • LOVE: Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment
  • LOVE: Let Oro Valley Excel
  • Love: Love Operation for Virtual Eternity
  • LOVE: Livingston Organization for Values in Education
  • Love: Lee of Vertigo Entertainment
  • LOVE: Lites Of Vegas Estate
  • Love: Literature of the Victorian Era
  • Love: located on Virginia's Eastern
  • Love: Lachrymose Obsequious Vehement Elated

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