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What does LOOP mean?

The list of 18 meanings of
LOOP acronym or abbreviation

  • LOOP: Loss Of Offsite Power
    Technology, Energy, Power
  • LOOP: Life on Other Planets
  • Loop: Long Out-Of-Print
  • LOOP: Louisiana Offshore Oil Port
  • LOOP: Louisiana Offshore Oil Platform
  • LOOP: Law of One Price
  • Loop: London Outer Orbital Path
  • LOOP: Lisp Object Oriented Programming
  • Loop: Law Offices of Patricia
  • LOOP: Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement
  • LOOP: Loss Of Off-site Power
  • LOOP: List Of Open-source Programs
  • Loop: Leaders of Our People
  • Loop: Limitation of Oxidant Production
  • LOOP: Leadership Outdoor Orientation Program
  • LOOP: Long-Range Open Ocean Patrol
  • LOOP: Leaders of Oak Park
  • LOOP: Engine Operating Loop Status
    Auto, Automobile, Automotive, Technology
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