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What does List mean?

The list of 41 meanings of
List acronym or abbreviation

  • List: Live in a Small Town
  • List: Listening
  • List: Library & Information Science & Technology
  • List: Library of Information Science and Technology
  • List: Literacy in Science and Technology
  • LIST: Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test
  • LIST: Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
  • List: Lithium stearate
  • List: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology
  • LIST: Logistics Intra-theater Support Tool
  • LIST: Lock Industry Standards and Training
  • LIST: Lanna International School Thailand
  • LIST: Library and Information Science for Transportation
  • List: Library and Information Science Training
  • List: London Institute of Shipping and Transport
  • LIST: Land Information System Tasmania
  • List: Long Island Software & Technology
  • List: Lead in Synthetic Turf
  • LIST: Laboratory for Intelligent Systems in Tourism
  • List: Lord Is My Shepherd Tapestry

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