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What does IPDA mean?

The list of 32 meanings of
IPDA acronym or abbreviation

  • IPDA: International Planetary Data Alliance
  • IPDA: International Professional Development Association
  • IPDA: Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
  • IPDA: Integrated Project Delivery Agreement
    Business, Construction insurance
  • IPDA: IP destination address
    Technology, Communications, Computing
  • IPDA: International Package Design Awards
  • IPDA: International Package Design Award
  • Ipda: Iglesia Pentecostal Dios es Amor
  • IPDA: Institute for Professional Development in the Addictions
  • IPDA: Internet Philatelic Dealers Association
  • IPDA: International Public Debate Association
  • IPDA: Initial Psychological Disorder Analysis
  • IPDA: Institut Perguruan Darul Aman
  • IPDA: International Periodical Distributors Association
  • iPDA: Integrated Protein Disorder Analyzer
  • IPDA: Industrial Post Delivery Availability
  • IPDA: Instituto Paulista de Déficit de Atenção
  • IPDA: Illinois Public Defender Association
  • IPDA: Integrated Path Differential Absorption
  • iPDA: Inappropriate Public Displays of Affection

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