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What does HOLDEN mean?

The list of 8 meanings of
HOLDEN acronym or abbreviation

  • HOLDEN: Heavy Oil Leaks Deafening Engine Noise
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Holden: Holes Oil Leaks Dents Engine Noise
  • HOLDEN: Horrible Obscene Loud Disgusting Engine Noises
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • HOLDEN: Hope Our Luck Doesn't End Now
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • HOLDEN: Hold On Love Damn Engines Nackered
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • HOLDEN: Heaps Of Little Dirty Engine Nuts
  • HOLDEN: Horrible Old Lump of Decrepit Engineering Nonsense
    Auto, Automotive, Automotive humour
  • HOLDEN: hopefully our lives don't end nowrecent

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