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What does GOLF mean?

The list of 21 meanings of
GOLF acronym or abbreviation

  • GOLF: Global Oscillations at Low Frequencies
  • GOLF: Global Oscillations at Low Frequency
  • GOLF: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • GOLF: Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • Golf: Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden
  • Golf: Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden
  • Golf: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbiden
  • GOLF: Gents Only Ladies Forbidden
  • GOLF: Gerät ohne logische Funktion
  • GOLF: Gra Obyczaje Ludzie Fakty
  • GOLF: God Our Loving Father
  • Golf: Game Of your Life Foundation
  • Golf: Gift of Life Family
  • Golf: Geometrically Oriented Linear Force
  • Golf: Game Of Life First
  • GOLF: Ganz ohne Luxus fahren
  • GOLF: Ganz ohne Leistung fahren
  • GOLF: Ganz ohne Luxus fahren
  • GOLF: God Offers Love and Forgiveness
  • Golf: Gifts Of Learning Foundation
  • GOLF: Gebt Opa Lieber Fahrgeld

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