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What does FWM mean?

The list of 44 meanings of
FWM acronym or abbreviation

  • FWM: Four-wave Mixing
    Technology, Laser, Laser application
  • FWM: Four Wave Mixing
  • FWM: Four-Wave-Mixing
  • FWM: Fenn Wright Manson
  • FWM: Filter Wheel Mechanism
  • FWM: Fashion Week Mexico
  • FWM: Far West Mining
  • FWM: Flow Weighted Mean
  • FWM: Fine with me
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • FWM: Four-Wave Multiplexing
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • FWM: Free White Male
    Genealogical, Genealogy
  • FWM: Fabric Workshop and Museum
  • FWM: Free Wheelchair Mission
  • FWM: Faith, Worship and Ministry
  • FWM: Frame Work Management
  • FWM: Fort Wayne Metals
  • FWM: Fine Water Mist
  • FWM: Federal Way Mirror
  • FWM: Finding What Matters
  • FWM: Family Welfare Management

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