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What does FREE mean?

The list of 68 meanings of
FREE acronym or abbreviation

  • FREE: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
  • FREE: Federal Resources for Education Excellence
  • Free: Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward
  • Free: Florida Real Estate Experts
  • Free: From Real Estate Expert
  • FREE: FreeSeas Inc.
    Organizations, Technology
  • FREE: Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
  • FREE: Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment
  • FREE: Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment
  • FREE: Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe
  • FREE: for Racial and Economic Equality
  • FREE: Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email
  • FREE: Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail
    Technology, Telecom, Computing, Telecommunications
  • Free: Free Real Estate Exam
  • FREE: Fixed Rear Element Extension
  • Free: Future Renewable Electric Energy
  • Free: First Reports Evaluating the Effectiveness
  • FREE: Fathers Rights and Equality Exchange
  • Free: Family Residences and Essential Enterprises
  • FREE: Foundation for Rational Economics and Education

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