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What does FORT mean?

The list of 14 meanings of
FORT acronym or abbreviation

  • Fort: Fortress
  • Fort: Fortification
  • FORT: Force Trends Data Base
    Military, Army
  • FORT: Friends of the Rail Trail
  • Fort: Force to Overcome Racism in Topeka
  • FORT: Federatia Operatorilor Romani de Transport
  • FORT: Framework for Ocaml Regression Testing
  • FORT: Fight Oesophageal Reflux Together
  • FORT: Far Off-Resonant Trap
  • FORT: Female Offender Regimented Treatment
  • Fort: Fort Ord Recreation Trails
  • FORT: Fiber Optic Range Tester
  • FORT: Fish Oil Restenosis Trial
  • fort: Full out rye terms
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