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What does FORD mean?

169 meanings of
FORD acronym or abbreviation

FORD stands for

  • +2
    Found On Road, Dead
  • Found On Road Dead
    Internet slang, IM, Text messaging
  • Found On The Road Dead
  • +1
    Fix Or Repair Daily
    Internet slang, Humour, Text messaging
  • Fixed Or Repaired Daily
    Internet slang, Car brand, CARS
  • +1
    Found Outside Rotting Dump
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Found Outside Refuse Dump
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Fatally Obese Redneck Driver
    CARS, Car brand, FUN
  • +1
    Fast Only Rolling Downhill
    Car brand, CARS, Automotive humour
  • Fords Only Run Downhill
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Funky Old Rebuilt Dodge
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • +1
    Flipped Over Roadside Disaster
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Flip Over Read Directions
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Fork Over Repair Dough
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Funny Old Rattling Dump
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Fumes and Odors Readily Detectable
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • Forgot Our Recommended Defaults
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • For Off Road Driving
  • Fucking Owner Real Dumb
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Driver Returns On Foot
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
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