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What does FFP mean?

The list of 174 meanings of
FFP acronym or abbreviation

  • FFP: Firm Fixed Price
    Technology, Air Force, Army
  • FFP: Firm-fixed Price
  • FFP: Firmed Fixed Price
    Business, Economics, Pricing
  • FFP: Firm-Fixed-Price
    Business, Product Development, Project Management, Technology
  • FFP: Fresh Frozen Plasma
    Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine
  • FFP: Federal Financial Participation
    Medical, Disability, Finance
  • FFP: Frequent Flyer Programs
  • FFP: Frequent-flyer program
  • FFP: Frequent Flyer Programme
  • FFP: Food For Peace
  • FFP: Flowers Fair Plants
  • FFP: First Focal Plane
  • FFP: Food For The Poor
  • FFP: Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle
  • FFP: Frustration Free Packaging
  • FFP: Freedom From Progression
    Medical, Medicine
  • FFP: Firm Fed Price
  • FFP: Fixed Fee Procurement
    Military, Technology
  • FFP: Federation of Functional Processor
    Technology, Telecom
  • FFP: Fashion Fights Poverty

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