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F means Failure

What does F stand for?

F stands for Failure
(also Free and 300 more)

What is the abbreviation for Failure?

Failure is abbreviated as F
(also Fail or FL)

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What does F stand for? F stands for Failure.
What does F stand for?
F stands for Failure.
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  • Q: What does F stand for?
    A: F stands for "Failure".
  • Q: How to abbreviate Failure?
    A: Failure can be abbreviated as F.

  • Q: What is the meaning of F abbreviation?
    A: The meaning of F abbreviation is "Failure".
  • Q: What is F abbreviation?
    A: One of the definitions of F is "Failure".
  • Q: What does F mean?
    A: F as abbreviation means "Failure".
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