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What does EOTC mean?

The list of 32 meanings of
EOTC acronym or abbreviation

  • EOTC: European Organization for Testing and Certification
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • EOTC: European Organisation for Testing and Certification
  • EOTC: European Organisation for Testing & Certification
    Business, International trade, Trade
  • EOTC: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  • EOTC: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church
  • EOTC: Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
  • EOTC: Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church
  • EOTC: Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  • EOTC: Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  • EOTC: Electro-Optic Technology Center
    Technology, Telecom
  • EOTC: Education Outside the Classroom
  • EOTC: Envy On The Coast
  • EOTC: Envy On The Coast's
  • EOTC: Executive Office of Transportation and Construction
  • EOTC: Eastern Oregon Training Center
  • EOTC: Emergency Operations Training Center
  • EOTC: End of the Century
  • EOTC: Engine Only Traction Control
  • EOTC: Employment Opportunity & Training Center
  • EOTC: Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

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