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What does DSFP mean?

The list of 12 meanings of
DSFP acronym or abbreviation

  • DSFP: Delaware State Fire Police
    Government, Delaware, Law Enforcement, State Agency
  • DSFP: Deutscher Science Fiction Preis
  • DSFP: Deutschen Science Fiction Preis
  • DSFP: Deutschen Science Fiction Preises
  • DSFP: Deutschen Science-Fiction-Preises
  • DSFP: Deutsche Science Fiction Preis
  • DSFP: Division of Seasonal Farmworker Programs
  • DSFP: Distinguished Scientist Fellowship Program
  • DSFP: Danish Society for Patient
  • DSFP: Detection Systems Fusion Protocol
  • dsfp: Dansk Selskab for Filosofisk Praksis
  • DSFP: Dansk Selskab for Patientsikkerhed
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