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What does DOTA mean?

The list of 20 meanings of
DOTA acronym or abbreviation

  • DotA: Defence of the Ancients
    Internet slang, CHAT, Texting
  • DotA: Defense of the Ancients
  • Dota: Defense of the Ancient
  • Dota: Defence of the Ancient
  • Dota: Defance Of The Ancients
  • DOTA: DOTADefense of the Ancients
  • DOTA: Declaration of the Americas on Diabetes
    Medical, Organizations, Technology
  • DOTA: Declaration of the Americas
  • DOTA: Delaware Occupational Therapy Association
  • DOTA: Download over the Air
  • DOTA: Department of the Army
  • DOTA: Département d'Optique Théorique et Appliquée
  • DOTA: Documented Original Tuskegee Airmen
  • DOTA: Department of Transportation Airports
  • DOTA: Department of Transportation, Airports
  • DOTA: Department of Tethered Aviation
  • DotA: Daughters of the Alliance
  • Dota: Daughters of the American
  • DOTA: DOTA是Defense of the Ancients的缩写
  • DOTA: Département Optique Théoretique et Appliquée
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