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What does DAD mean?

The list of 177 meanings of
DAD acronym or abbreviation

  • DAD: Duplicate Address Detection
    Technology, Computer Security, Computing
  • Dad: Dad And Daughter
  • Dad: Dad american dad
  • Dad: Download American Dad
  • DAD: Drinking and Driving
  • Dad: Down And Dirty
  • DAD: Dark Armed Dragon
  • DAD: Die Another Day
  • Dad: Dungeons and Dragons
  • DAD: Dual Air Density
    Science, Army, Military
  • DAD: Deputy Assistant Director
  • DAD: Domestic Animal Diversity
    Organizations, Technology
  • DAD: Death And Destruction
  • DAD: Defense Acquisition Deskbook
  • DAD: Diode Array Detector
    Science, Technology
  • DAD: Data Acquisition and Distribution
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing, DATA
  • DAD: Digital Audio Disc
  • DAD: Data Administrator
    Military, Technology
  • DAD: Disability Assessment for Dementia
    Medical, Technology
  • DAD: Disneyland After Dark

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