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What does CRPA mean?

The list of 33 meanings of
CRPA acronym or abbreviation

  • CRPA: Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • CRPA: Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna
    Technology, Aviation
  • CRPA: Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas
  • CRPA: Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas
  • CRPA: Canadian Radiation Protection Association
    Medical, Technology
  • CRPA: Croatian Radiation Protection Association
  • CRPA: C-reactive protein antiserum
    Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • CRPA: Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali
  • CRPA: California Rifle and Pistol Association
  • CRPA: California Rifle & Pistol Association
  • CRPA: Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association
  • CRPA: Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act
  • CRPA: Columbia River Packers Association
  • CRPA: Centre Regional Planning Agency
  • CRPA: Communicating Research to Public Audiences
  • CRPA: Colorado Rock Products Association
  • CRPA: Continuum Random Phase Approximation
  • CRPA: Cherokee Recreation and Parks Authority
  • CRPA: Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act
  • CRPA: Cavite Racing Pigeon Association

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