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What does CROs mean?

The list of 38 meanings of
CROs acronym or abbreviation

  • CROs: Contract Research Organizations
    Medical, Medicine
  • CROs: Clinical Research Organizations
  • CROs: Contract Research Organisations
  • CROS: Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif
  • CROS: Contralateral Routing Of Signals
    Medical, Medicine, Technology
  • CROS: Contralateral Routing Of Signal
    Otolaryngology, Surgery, Medical, Medicine
  • CROS: Contralateral Routing of Sound
  • CROS: Contralateral Routing of Offside Signal
  • CROs: Chief Risk Officers
  • CROs: Clinical Research Organisations
  • CrOS: Chrome OS
    Technology, Google
  • CROS: Careers in Research Online Survey
  • CROs: Consumer Run Organizations
  • CROs: Company Registration Offices
  • CROS: Christians Reaching Out to Society
  • CROs: Corporate Responsibility Officers
  • CROS: Commissie Regionaal Overleg Schiphol
  • CROs: County Record Offices
  • CROs: Combat Rescue Officers
  • CROs: Community Resource Officers
  • CROs: Combat Rescue Officers

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