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What does CPRF mean?

The list of 21 meanings of
CPRF acronym or abbreviation

  • CPRF: Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  • CPRF: Communist Party of Russian Federation
  • CPRF: Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation
  • CPRF: Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation
  • CPRF: Canadian Purchasing Research Foundation
  • CPRF: Confinement Physics Research Facility
  • CPRF: Council of Public Relations Firms
  • CPRF: Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum
  • CPRF: Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum
  • CPRF: Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland
  • CPRF: Community Peace and Restoration Fund
  • CPRF: Communications Policy Research Forum
  • CPRF: Communications Policy & Research Forum
  • CPRF: Common Plant Regulatory Factor
  • CPRF: Combined Pile Raft Foundation
  • CPRF: Combined Piled-Raft Foundation
  • CPRF: Cancer and Polio Research Fund
  • CPRF: Central Police Reserve Force
  • CPRF: Christian Publication Resource Foundation
  • CPRF: Core Plus Retail Fund

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