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What does CPOE mean?

The list of 20 meanings of
CPOE acronym or abbreviation

  • CPOE: Computerized Physician Order Entry
    Medical, Health Care, Medicine
  • CPOE: Computerized provider order entry
    Medical, Medicine
  • CPOE: Computer Physician Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerized Prescriber Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerized Prescription Order Entry
    Medical, Health Care, Medicine
  • CPOE: Computerized Practitioner Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerized Patient Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerised Physician Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computer Provider Order Entry
  • CPOE: computerized physicians order entry
  • CPOE: Computerised Provider Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computer Prescriber Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computer-Based Physician Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerize Physician Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerized Physican Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computerized Physician Order Entery
  • CPOE: Care Provider Order Entry
  • CPOE: Clinical Provider Order Entry
  • CPOE: Computer-based Provider Order Entry
  • CPOE: Child Protection Oversight and Evaluation
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