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What does CPAD mean?

The list of 17 meanings of
CPAD acronym or abbreviation

  • CPAD: Casa Publicadora das Assembleias de Deus
  • cPAD: Chronic Population Adjusted Dose
    Science, Technology
  • CPAD: Call Processing Agency Driver
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • CPAD: Comissão de Processo Administrativo-Disciplinar
  • CPAD: Career Planning and Adult Development
  • CPAD: Career Planning & Adult Development
  • CPAD: Career Planning Adult Development
  • CPAD: Concerned Parents Against Drugs
  • CPAD: Campus Programs Admissions Department
  • CPAD: Chinese Parents Association for the Disabled
  • CPAD: Corporate Planning and Administration Division
  • CPAD: California Protected Areas Database
  • CPAD: California's Protected Areas Database
  • CPAD: Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division
  • CPAD: Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities
  • CPAD: Chronic Pain Abilities Determination
  • CPAD: chronic peripheral arterial disease
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