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What does COCC mean?

The list of 29 meanings of
COCC acronym or abbreviation

  • COCC: Central Office Connecting Channel
  • COCC: Central Oregon Community College
  • COCC: Con Ong Chau Cha
  • COCC: Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Cuba
  • COCC: Charter Oak Cultural Center
  • COCC: Central Office Cost Center
  • COCC: Cadet Officer Candidate Course
  • COCC: Certificate of Creditable Coverage
  • COCC: Connecticut On-Line Computer Center
  • COCC: Connecticut Online Computer Center
  • COCC: Code des Obligations Civiles et Commerciales
  • COCC: Council of Orthodox Christian Churches
  • COCC: Cancen Oil Canada Corporation
  • COCC: Clerk of Circuit Court
  • COCC: Center for Organizational Cultural Competence
  • COCC: Commodore Owners Car Club
  • COCC: Coptic Orthodox Christian Center
  • COCC: Cleveland Orchestra Children's Chorus
  • COCC: Canadian Organic Certification Co-Operative
  • COCC: Center for Ocean Climate Chemistry

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