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What does CMIM mean?

The list of 12 meanings of
CMIM acronym or abbreviation

  • CMIM: Common Management Information Model
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • CMIM: Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation
  • CMIM: Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization
  • CMIM: Caisse Mutualiste Interprofessionnelle Marocaine
  • CMIM: Cisco MeetingPlace Installation and Maintenance
  • CMIM: Colegio de Medicina Interna de México
  • CMIM: Chamber Music in the Mountains
  • CMIM: Civilian Military Incident Management
  • CMIM: Conditional Mutual Information Maximization
  • CMIM: Count Me Into Measurement
  • CMIM: Cable Modem Interface Mask
  • CMIM: Center for Measurement and Information in Medicine
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