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What does CMIA mean?

The list of 38 meanings of
CMIA acronym or abbreviation

  • CMIA: Cash Management Improvement Act
  • CmiA: Cotton made in Africa
  • CMIA: Centro de Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental
  • CMIA: China Medical Informatics Association
    Technology, Computing
  • CMIA: China Music Instrument Association
  • CMIA: China Musical Instrument Association
  • CMIA: Corridor Mobility Improvement Account
  • CMIA: Confidentiality of Medical Information Act
  • CMIA: California Medical Instrumentation Association
  • CMIA: California Medical Information Act
  • CMIA: Carbon Markets and Investors Association
  • CMIA: Carbon Markets & Investors Association
  • CMIA: Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture
  • CMIA: Cement Masons' International Association
  • CMIA: Cement Masons International Association
  • CMIA: Cane Masters International Association
  • CMIA: Center for Multicultural Information and Assistance
  • CMIA: Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor
  • CMIA: Christian Ministries in Africa
  • CMIA: Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis

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