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What does CDIA mean?

The list of 24 meanings of
CDIA acronym or abbreviation

  • CDIA: Center for Digital Imaging Arts
  • CDIA: Certified Document Imaging Architech
    Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  • CDIA: Certified Document Imaging Architect
  • CDIA: Certified Document Imaging Architects
  • CDIA: Consumer Data Industry Association
  • CDIA: China Dairy Industry Association
  • CDIA: Centre de Documentation et d'Information de l'Assurance
  • CDIA: Cities Development Initiative for Asia
  • CDIA: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis
  • CDIA: Canadian Defence Industries Association
  • CDIA: Colorado Drug Investigators Association
  • CDIA: Canadian Disabled Individuals Association
  • CDIA: Canadian direct investment abroad
  • CDIA: Clinical Documentation Industry Association
  • CDIA: Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
  • CDIA: Coordinadora por los Derechos de la Infancia y la Adolescencia
  • CDIA: Commonwealth Direct Investment Account
  • CDIA: Coram Deo International Aid
  • CDIA: Coiling Dragon Internal Arts
  • CDIA: Catholic Dispatch Internet Apostolate

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