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What does CBRA mean?

The list of 31 meanings of
CBRA acronym or abbreviation

  • CBRA: Coastal Barrier Resources Act
    Military, Insurance
  • CBRA: Coastal Barriers Resource Act
    Science, Technology
  • CBRA: Coastal Barrier Resource Act
  • CBRA: Coastal Barrier Resource Area
  • CBRA: Coastal Barriers Resources Act
  • CBRA: Coastal Barrier Resources Area
  • CBRA: California Biomedical Research Association
    Medical, Technology
  • CBRA: Colegio Brasileiro de Reproducao Animal
  • CBRA: Connecticut Brownfields Redevelopment Authority
  • CBRA: Canadian Broadcasters Rights Agency
  • CBRA: Canadian Book Review Annual
  • CBRA: Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association
  • CBRA: Canadian Biosphere Reserve Association
  • CBRA: Community Based Risk Assessment
  • CBRA: Community-Based Risk Assessment
  • CBRA: Cross-border Research Association
  • CBRA: Certified Business Resilience Auditor
  • CBRA: Cleaver Brooks Representative Association
  • CBRA: Conduct of Business Regulatory Agency
  • CBRA: Community Builders & Remodelers Association

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