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What does BITCH mean?

The list of 14 meanings of
BITCH acronym or abbreviation

  • Bitch Being In Total Control of Herself
    Internet slang
  • BITCH Babe In Total Control of Herself
    Funny, Adult, Internet slang, Slang
  • BITCH Being In Total Control Honey
  • BITCH Being In Total Control, Honey
  • BITCH Broad In Total Control of Herself
    Internet slang
  • BITCH Basically In The Clear Homey
    Internet slang, CHAT, Slang
  • BITCH Beautiful Individual That Causes Hardons
    Adult, Funny, Internet slang, Slang
  • BITCH Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity
  • BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Cute Hilarious
  • BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Creative Honest
    Adult, Funny, Internet slang, Slang
  • BITCH Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, Horny
  • BITCH Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers
  • BITCH Birds in the City of Hollywood
  • BITCH Bartels' Information Technology Companion Handbook

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