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What does BFN mean?

The list of 43 meanings of
BFN acronym or abbreviation

  • BFN: Bye For Now
    Internet slang, Social messaging, Web slang
  • BFN: Bye, for now
  • BFN: Bye-Bye For Now
  • BFN: By for now
  • BFN: Beam Forming Network
    Technology, Telecom
  • BFN: Beam-Forming Network
  • BFN: Beam Forming Networks
  • BFN: Big Fat Negative
    Getting pregnant, Obstetrics, Parenting
  • BFN: Big Fucking Negative
    Internet slang, Slang, SLANG
  • BfN: Bundesamt für Naturschutz
    German, Government, Organizations, Technology
  • BFN: Baltic Fund for Nature
    Environmental, Nature, Organizations
  • BFN: Breastfeeding Network
    Medical, Medicine
  • BFN: Back and Forth Nudging
    Science, Math, Mathematics
  • BFN: Compangnie Nationale Naganagani
    Airline, ICAO airline code, Organizations
  • BFN: British Forces Network
  • BFN: Bridge to Future Networks
  • BFN: Biracial Family Network
  • BFN: Boreal Forest Network
  • BFN: Browns Ferry Nuclear
  • BFN: Between Facts and Norms

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