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What does ARMY mean?

The list of 22 meanings of
ARMY acronym or abbreviation

  • ARMY: Ain't Ready for the Marines Yet
    Internet slang, Locations, Organization
  • ARMY: Aren't Ready for Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Aint Ready to be a Marine Yet
  • ARMY: Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet
    Military, Army slang, Military slang
  • Army: Ain't Ready for Marines Yet
  • Army: Ain't Ready to be a Marine Yet
  • ARMY: Ain't Really Marines Yet
    Business, Education, Government
  • ARMY: Aren't Ready for Marine's Yet
  • ARMY: Aint Ready for Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Arn't Ready to be Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Athi Rudra Maha Yagna
  • ARMY: Ain't a Real Marine Yet
  • ARMY: Aint Really Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Arent Really Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Aren't Really Marines Yet
  • ARMY: Ain't Released Me Yet
  • ARMY: AF Rejected Me Yesterday
    Military, Military slang, Army slang
  • ARMY: Adult Role Models for Youth
  • ARMY: Atherosclerosis Risk-Factors in Male Youngsters
    Medical, Blood, Cardiology
  • ARMY: Aren't Really Men Yet

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