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What does APHS mean?

The list of 30 meanings of
APHS acronym or abbreviation

  • APHS Arthur Phillip High School
  • APHS American Pseudo-obstruction and Hirschsprung's Disease Society
    Medical, Technology
  • 1
    APHS Aransas Pass High School
    Education, High School, School, Texas
  • APHS Avon Park High School
    Education, Florida, High School, School
  • 4
    APHS Averill Park High School
    Education, High School, New York, School
  • APHS Academy Park High School
    Education, High School, Pennsylvania, School
  • APHS Asbury Park High School
    Education, High School, New Jersey, School
  • APHS Allen Park High School
    Education, High School, Michigan, School
  • APHS Aberfoyle Park High School
  • APHS Archbishop Prendergast High School
    Education, High School, Pennsylvania, School
  • APhS Associate, Philosophical Society of England
    Associate, Professional designation, Professional title
  • APHS Assistant to the President for Homeland Security
  • APHs Aminoglycoside phosphotransferases
  • 1
    APHS Asia Pacific Hernia Society
  • APHS Asia-Pacific Hernia Society
  • APHS Alderman Peel High School
  • APHS Australian Pharmaceutical Healthcare Systems
  • 1
    APHS American Poultry Historical Society
  • APHS American Photographic Historical Society
  • APHS Angono Private High School

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