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What does ANDI mean?

The list of 26 meanings of
ANDI acronym or abbreviation

  • ANDI: American Nitrox Divers Incorporated
    Science, Diving, Scuba diving
  • ANDI: American Nitrox Divers International
  • ANDI: American Nitrox Divers, Inc
  • ANDI: American Nitrox Divers Inc
  • ANDI: Agência de Notícias dos Direitos da Infância
  • ANDI: Agencia de Noticias do Direito da Infancia
  • ANDI: Associazione Nazionale Dentisti Italiani
  • ANDI: Asociación Nacional de Industriales
  • ANDI: Asociación Nacional de Interpretes
  • ANDI: Asociación Nacional de Instituciones
  • ANDI: Analytical Data Interchange
    Science, Technology
  • ANDI: Agence Nationale de Développement de l'Investissement
  • ANDI: Agence Nationale de Developpément des Investissements
  • ANDI: Logical AND Immediate
    Technology, Electronic engineering, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • ANDI: Anmeldedienst
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • ANDI: Autism Network for Dietary Intervention
  • ANDI: Aberrations of Normal Development and Involution
  • ANDI: Allied Network Dispenser Interface
  • ANDI: African Nutrition Database Initiative
  • ANDI: Adoption Network Domestic and International

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