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What does AEN mean?

The list of 66 meanings of
AEN acronym or abbreviation

  • AEN: Additional Educational Needs
  • AEN: Austral Pacific Energy Ltd.
    Organizations, Technology
  • AEN: Asociación Española de Neuropsiquiatría
  • AEN: Administrative Exception Note
  • AEN: Asynchronous Event Notification
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • AEN: Arbitrary ELINT Notation
    Military, Army
  • AEN: Alberta Environmental Network
  • AEN: Acute esophageal necrosis
  • AEN: Agência Estadual de Notícias
  • AEN: Aeroenlaces Nacionales
    Airline, ICAO airline code, Organizations
  • AEN: Athletic Edge Nutrition
  • AEN: Agence pour l'énergie nucléaire
  • AEN: Alliance for Europe of the Nations
  • AEN: America's Emergency Network
  • AEN: Aotearoa Ethnic Network
  • AEN: Atlanta Executive Network
  • AEN: Accounting Education News
  • AEN: Academic Employment Network
  • AEN: Austrian Economics Newsletter
  • AEN: Art Entertainment Network

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