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What does ADSA mean?

The list of 44 meanings of
ADSA acronym or abbreviation

  • ADSA: American Dental Society of Anesthesiology
    Medical, Technology
  • ADSA: American Dairy Science Association
    Medical, Organization, Land use
  • ADSA: Axisymmetric Drop-shape Analysis
    Science, Technology
  • ADSA: Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis
  • ADSA: Aging and Disability Services Administration
  • ADSA: Aging and Disabilities Services Administration
  • ADSA: Advanced Driver Software Architecture
    Technology, Audio, Computing
  • ADSA: Australasian Day Surgery Association
    Medical, Technology
  • ADSA: Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency
  • ADSA: Association for Dietetics in South Africa
  • ADSA: Automatic Door Suppliers Association
  • ADSA: Assistance Dog Special Allowance
  • ADSA: Advances in Dynamical Systems and Applications
  • ADSA: Attention Deficit Scales for Adults
  • ADSA: American Domestic Skunk Association
  • ADSA: Auckland Down Syndrome Association
  • ADSA: Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • ADSA: American Deputy Sheriffs Association
  • ADSA: American Deputy Sheriffs' Association
  • ADSA: American Deputy Sheriff's Association

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