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What does ACRD mean?

The list of 21 meanings of
ACRD acronym or abbreviation

  • ACRD: Alberni Clayoquot Regional District
  • ACRD: Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District
  • ACRD: Acquired Cystic Renal Disease
  • ACRD: Assassination City Roller Derby
  • ACRD: Assault City Roller Derby
  • ACRD: Apple City Roller Derby
  • ACRD: Arizona Civil Rights Division
  • acrD: Acridine
  • ACRD: Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana
  • ACRD: Associação Coimbra Região Digital
  • ACRD: Accommodation and Car Rental Directory
  • ACRD: Autodesk China Research and Development
  • Acrd: Advanced Concept Restoration Device
  • ACRD: Alliance for Community Research and Development
  • ACRD: Autism Chromosome Rearrangement Database
  • ACRD: Assam Centre for Rural Development
  • ACRD: Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Deocriste
  • ACRD: Associação Cultural Recreativa e Desportiva
  • ACRD: Associação Cultural, Recreativa e Desportiva
  • ACRD: Australian Centennial Roads Development

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